Ophthalmologist - Augenarzt
Dr. med. Stephan Hoffmann
Kurfürstendamm 115b, 10711 Berlin (Halensee), Telefon: 030-892-4711


Contact lense fitttings:
Contact lense fittings may be scheduled on Wednesday afternoons as of 16:00.
We request that appointments be made in advance (Tel. 030-892-4711).


Reya Kons
Contact lens specialist Reya Kons

If you wear glasses, contact lenses may be an alternative.

Since contact lenses are fitted directly to the eye, your vision is more natural and less altered than with glasses.

Before contact lenses are fitted, your eyes will be examined to find out which type of contact lense will be the appropriate one for you.

The selection of a certain type of contact lense depends, for example, on the optic qualities of your eyes and your priorities with regard to wearing contact lenses (sports, wearing time per day, air conditioning, etc. ).

Under professsional supervision you will learn how to insert and remove your lenses with ease. Information concerning the period of adjustment and lense care will be given.

Your eyes and your contact lenses should be checked regularly.

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